How a chimpanzee became the adoptive mother of two little tigers and how their relationship developed


The story began with the birth of two little tigers. This happened at the time of a severe hurricane and flood. The den of the tigress and her two cubs was a little flooded, and the zoo employees began to think about the definition of this family.


In the new zoo, the cubs fell into very good hands. A zoo employee named Chyna took them under her wing. But Chyna had another loyal assistant – a chimpanzee named Aliyana.


At first, Chyna took care of the cubs of a tigress alone, and then she had to present them to the chimpanzees. The chimpanzee has perfectly seen how Chyna takes care of the bes: she feeds them, hugs them, carries them in her arms and plays with them.


After a while, Alyana began to do the same, even when the worker herself was busy with other animals in the zoo. If at first Alyana simply copied her mistress, she gradually began to spend time with them alone and show them maternal love.

Now the chimpanzee was taking care of the two cubs, not because Chyna had done it, but because she really loved them like hers. When the cubs grew a little, they were moved to another place, more suitable for white tigers.

And China, along with her benevolent assistant Alyana, continued to work at the zoo and help other animals.

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