Dog who will not stop giving smiles.The tiny dog who always smiles will make your day brighter


Meet the dog which has the cutest smile and who spreads positive vibes. The dog is 9 years old. He is named Chevy. He is a Pomeranian dog. The dog lives in Ohio with his lovely family.

The sweet dog does not stop giving big smiles. The dog became famous for his unique smile in the social media.

His owner is Tina. She says that the dog became a celebrity due to his nonstop grinning. The cute tiny dog is loved by his family members and all of these people who see him once.

It looks as if the dog did not have any bad day. The dog is one of the happiest dogs. The dog is very active and full of energy.

The dog always smiles and makes the days happier and brighter. The dog likes to spend his days camping or going hiking with his lovely family.

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