The Dogs are Brought to a Mass for to Get Them Adopted


In our lives we often get stuck to difficult situation, from which we find no way out. It also happens with the dogs. They face a lot of difficulties and hardships in their lives.

These hardships are sometimes very hard for them to face and the majority of the dogs are left alone and abandoned in the streets by their owners too.

To address these kinds of problems, one of the priests decided to help the stray dogs and organized a mass for them. This kind hearted priest gathered a lot of stray dogs and brought them to the church.

On a Sunday morning, when usually a lot of people gather in church, the priest decided exactly that time. He brought the dogs there, read prayers for them and offered an opportunity for them to get adopted.

Indeed there were people, who were interested in having dogs and one of the participants of the mass adopted a cute dog.

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