The Horse of the Beloved Owner Bids Him Farewell


We all know about how loyal and protective the animals can be to their owners, especially when they raised these animals from a young age.

The old man John was living alone in the ranch with his horses almost for all his life. As the years were going by, the man sold most of his horses.

John had serious health problems and he needed a lot of money for his treatment. He sold almost all his horses. Only one horse was left him.

He found the horse very loyal and true to himself. As the man fell ill, the horse was seen taking care of his owner. The neighbours say, that the horse did not leave John even for a moment.

However, John could not fight the illness and died. On the day of the funeral, the horse was noticed near John showing love and respect for his beloved owner. He bends his head over his coffin and bids him farewell.

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