This sick and emaciated dog waited in a bunch of leaves that a rescuer arrives


Fortunately, he was spotted by a woman who walked her four-legged friend in the countryside. It is difficult to be indifferent to such suffering. By publishing this photo on Facebook, it has helped to improve the situation of this soul in trouble.

Its SOS has been recognized by the Greek Dar Animal Rescue Association. Ermioni, one of the volunteers, immediately answered the distress call and rushed to the scene to save the little dog.

Once there, the volunteer slowly approached the dog and told him his hand. After culminating the dog to calm him, Ermioni took him in his arms as softly as possible.

The dog wearing a necklace: had it been abandoned? In any case, he needed urgent medical care.

A visit to the veterinarian revealed that the rescued animal was blind one eye and presented several health problems: leishmaniasis (a parasitic disease that causes skin lesions), towards heart and arterial hypertension. «It’s a miracle he has survived,» says the organization that collected it.

Fortunately, the four-legged friend is slowly recovering through care and love. He even had a haircut to prepare him for his new life. This celestial angel, Janis, attracted the attention of a couple who decided to adopt it.

«Now Janis has the chance to enjoy a wonderful life and continue his treatment under the care of his new family,» said Dar Animal Rescue team.

After a long suffering and an impending death experience, the dog takes a new start thanks to benevolent people. A happy end that warms the heart.

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