A cute and amazing video. A parrot masters «to talk» like a cat in order to live in a house with many cats


It is well known that parrots have the ability to imitate the sounds of different animals. Parrots master not only imitating human language but also in order to survive they learn to make the sounds of different animals.

Here is funny story about a parrot that learnt the language of cats. The parrot leart to meow and feel like cats.

The cockatoo has been living and spending much time with cats since the time he was born. He had no other choice to learn the «foreign language». The scene was captured by the owner of the parrot.

The cat even showed his skills of talking like a cat. The cats were looking at the cockatoo with astonishment. The cats could not believe their eyes.

The parrot demostrated the language of cats perfectly. The cockatoo is a polyglot. The parrot is so smart that he knows not only the language of cats but also their behaviour.

Here is the cute video:

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