A kind dog saved a marmot that almost drowned in the lake


On the first warm day of summer, Lauren Lind from Massachusetts, along with her husband and a two-year-old golden retriever named Wally, hit the lake.

The family was on a boat enjoying the good weather when they noticed an animal drowning in the water nearby.

According to Lind, the otter-like animal was floating in the water and seemed to need help. Wally noticed it too and rushed to save the rodent, which turned out to be a groundhog.

«My husband and I couldn’t believe our eyes,» Lind recalls. – Wally just looked at the marmot – and he immediately jumped on his back. The dog didn’t care: he looked at the rodent several times and kept swimming.»

After the animals swam to shore, the groundhog jumped off Wally’s back and «thanked» him for saving him. «They looked at each other, touched their faces as goodbye, and then the marmot ran towards the shore,» the woman said.

«They looked at each other one last time, and he hurried off, and Wally went swimming again. It is not known why the groundhog ended up in the water. Luckily, Wally came to the rodent’s rescue just in time.

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