Loyal Pitbull sprung into action to save his human from a poisonous snake


Haley McCormack was walking to the porch of her home in Davidson County, Tennessee, when suddenly her dog, Arlo, stepped in to save her.

What McCormack didn’t see was a poisonous copper-headed snake lurking in the corner near the stairs. Arlo jumped at the snake as it backed away, about to strike, and grabbed it by the tail, shaking it back and forth.

Arlo killed the snake and saved his human, but ended up getting bitten in the face three to four times.

McCormack rushed Arlo to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Nashville, where he was given anti-venom, painkillers, and CBD oil. His neck and face were very swollen and his eye was almost completely swollen, but he is healing and should make a full recovery.

«Think about the loyalty and love he had for me, risking his own life for mine, it’s really special,» McCormack told WTVF. “We are both lucky to have each other. »

Unfortunately, Arlo wasn’t the only dog ​​at BluePearl Pet Hospital that day with a snakebite. According to the veterinary hospital, they have already treated more than a dozen snakebite cases this summer alone in their area.

McCormack hopes the Arlo story will warn people of the dangers of snakes, not just to humans but to pets as well.

Watch more story in the video below:

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