Fighting dog who lost his ears finally found a loving family


4 years ago, a police officer in Phoenix, Arizona found an injured pit bull. He was in very poor condition.

He was emaciated and covered in ticks, and he was so dirty and swarthy and he was so swollen and scarred.

Perhaps most disturbing was that the dog’s ears had been bitten off, indicating that it had been used in dogfighting.

One of his ears was completely ripped off; the other was rotten and rotten and could not be kept.

A policeman grabbed him and took him to a local shelter. Then the volunteers stepped in.

Although the rescue team was unable to retrieve the dog. They contacted Jeannette and asked if she would agree to adopt him.

They agreed, so her husband pulled her out of the shelter and immediately took her to the vet clinic. They didn’t think he would survive. As a result, he suffered from illnesses.

Rescuers said he was in the worst condition they had ever seen.

But, despite everything, he loved life. He was terrified, but there was hope for life in his eyes.

He will need to stay at the vet for a while. They named it Calista, which means «the most beautiful». The family visited him every day.

They really wanted to make that connection with him and let him know that there is consistency in his life.

People from the emergency service also came to visit him. After intensive treatment and operations, he improved.

About a week later, he was able to return home to Jeannette. A few months later, he was given up for adoption, Jeannette changed her mind.

She said everyone joked and said they knew the dog would stay, but they said it was just foster care.

Now they can no longer imagine him anywhere but with them. They had to emotionally accept that they were ready to bring him.

At first he didn’t know how to play and was afraid of everything, and it was very joyful to see him do something.

He had health issues and was being treated for mast cell cancer.

But he loves life, loves food, people and animals. He is just amazing! If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family.

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