Two men risked their lives to rescue foxes stranded in floodwaters


Two Canadians have been hailed as heroes after risking their lives to rescue several foxes stranded in floodwaters. Colin Graham and Jordan Olson rescued the fox after finding it stranded above water.

Welwyn has recently been hit by heavy rain. “All of our crops here are almost entirely under the lake,” Colin said.

Colin is a big animal lover and has been watching foxes on his property for several months now.

One day they found a young fox stuck above the water. They went there to see what was there. They decided to dive in and rescue the frightened fox.

At first, the fox was unsure of people and swam away from them. But Colin managed to catch up with him. The helpless young fox was no bigger than a small kitten.

Colin and Jordan loaded the fox safely into their truck and drove it home. They put it in the back of the truck and then they took it home and dried it and warmed it up.

They risked their lives to save several foxes stranded in flood waters in Canada.

The first young fox they took out was no bigger than a small kitten. At first he was afraid of men and tried to swim away.

Faith in humanity restored! Later that day, they spotted the mother fox, so they were able to reunite the mother and cub.

How wonderful that they were able to save the lives of stranded foxes and reunite them! If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family.

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