A puppy finds at the door of a refugee with a heartbreaking note


Animals are living beings like humans, which people unfortunately refuse for their own reasons. For many, it is due to a lack of will or a lack of responsibility.

The Yas incident took place in Mexico. In front of a refuge, they found a box with a beautiful dog and a note indicating the age and name of the dog. His name was Andrés.

The refuge staff examined the animal and fortunately it was healthy but the tail was damaged. They were very excited when they read the note left to the dog.

All this was written by a boy who asked his mother to take the animal to the refuge because they could no longer take care of the animal. And so that the dog does not forget its owner, the boy left a toy.

The staff of the refuge, who already studies the applications of several people, did not hesitate to remind everyone that it is possible to take care of small animals.

Unfortunately, today, many homeless animals in the world need help and shelter.

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