Bully, a 23-year-old dog who recently celebrated his birthday at the shelter


Meet Bully, an adorable dog who recently celebrated his birthday.

He turned 23 and the owners gave him a surprise for his birthday.

He lived 21 years in a loving family, but now he lives in an orphanage. The previous owners could no longer take care of him.

Mr. Mo project owner Chris Hughes said Bully is such a sweet, naughty and sweet dog.

He likes to sleep a lot and he deserves it. He can easily fall asleep absolutely anywhere and in any way, sometimes in the middle of the kitchen floor, on a potty or on a large comfortable bed.

But Bully was so happy that the Hughes family threw him a nice birthday party.

They said they were trying to celebrate all the wonderful events happening in their house.

They celebrated the end of the dog’s chemo, his birthdays, Christmas if they think someone will not go for Christmas. Thanks to them, Bully is now so excited. If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family.

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