Kitten Found Outside Insists on Sitting on Warm Laps, People-Watching and Not Moving Away From Them


The tabby kitten insisted on sitting on warm laps, watching her people and not wandering away from them.

A litter of five newborn kittens was delivered to the Animal Welfare League in Virginia. They were found on the street without their mother. Volunteer Penny Richards welcomed them without hesitation.

The 2-day-old kittens still had their umbilical cord attached. They were pint-sized and constantly seeking warmth and comfort.

Penny put them in a cozy nest with electric blankets, a plush toy, and started feeding them around the clock.

Without the presence of the mother, the kittens began to suck each other, which can be dangerous and harmful. For the first week, they wore tiny protective suits until they got used to them.

The undersized kitten, Piccadilly or Dilli, excelled from an early age. She was the smallest in the group and the food was very tasty.

Penny had to go to great lengths to convince her to eat. It was the loudest kitten.

Dilly was the last to open her eyes. She reached out to her people the first time she looked at the world. She likes people.

She was loud when she was awake, but when she slept she always struck funny poses. More often than not, she could be found snuggling up to her lamb toy.

The tabby girl was not shy about expressing her many opinions. She was small, but had a powerful personality to make up for it.

At three weeks, they had already started to stand up, to waddle. Soon they started fighting and playing.

Dilly grew taller and more energetic, and her cocky attitude came out strong. When she discovered the plush balls, she was one of the first to test them by hitting them in the park.

As soon as the tabby was seething with her crazy games, she always ran to her adoptive mother and fell asleep on her lap.

Dilly was watching her intently with her big doe eyes, as if studying everything her human was doing.

Nine weeks later, she was still the smallest of the litter, but not so small anymore. The mischievous and exuberant tabby cat was constantly looking for trouble and adventure.

When she needed to recharge, she moved to the nearest warm lap and curled up to take a nap.

Piccadilly was a pleasure to be around! When her eyes opened and her sight returned, she just sat up and looked at Penny.

She was bold, loud and so interesting, but little Dilly has the softer side.

When the kittens were old enough to be adopted, they quickly found homes. Striped girl Dilly has also met the family of her dreams.

A few days later, Dilly won over her new feline sister, Ronan.

Dilly loves playing with Ronan’s cock and following her around the house. She looks at her and tries to imitate her in everything.

Dilly is getting so big. She is now five months old and weighs 5.3 pounds. She loves to climb on the back of the bed, snuggle up with everyone under the covers… She is so charming!

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