Rescued Injured Fox Befriended a Kind Retired Man Who Saved His Life and Welcomed Him Home


Rescuers from The Fox Project found a small red fox by the side of the road in Turnbridge Wells. The fox, named Cropper, was in critical condition, his injuries were so severe that they couldn’t release him into the woods or he would die.

Rescued injured fox befriended a retired kind man who saved his life and fostered him at his house

But on the other hand, there was no one to take care of this wild animal, so they had no choice but to put it down. Fortunately, a wonderful man, Mike Trowler, appeared, who took the poor animal home.

Cropper was not only injured, but he was also suffering from a serious illness. And the retired engineer had to deal with him very carefully and patiently.

Mike managed to heal Cropper so that his health improved very quickly. He was so attached to the wild animal that he considers Cropper a member of his family. Cropper became Mike’s best friend, they spent their time together, they went for walks every day.

The fox was like a pet to him. He gave her his love, care and affection.Rescued injured fox befriended a retired kind man who saved his life and fostered him at his house

Cropper was very energetic, he enjoyed stealing food from Mike’s dog’s plate, playing with the cute cats and snuggling up with his beloved human.

Their amazing friendship, sadly, came to an end one day, when Cropper, after 6 happy and joyful years of living with the beautiful family, passed away.

Mike thinks that wild animals shouldn’t live at home as pets, but there are unavoidable cases where they have to be supported by humans, otherwise they won’t survive in the wild.

He warns that feeding a fox takes a lot of effort, great patience and great understanding. Watch the beautiful video with this beautiful friendship here:

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