What is the little bit like with gray hair now


All newborns are beautiful and capture the heart of everyone, they are particularly popular on the internet. Seeing these miracles on social networks, it is impossible to remain indifferent.

But especially when the newborn has some particularities, this is another story.

This incident took place in Hungary, a five -kilo boy named Benz was born. The baby was born with a completely healthy, but very unusual characteristic. He was born with completely white hair.

Many studies have been conducted to understand the cause of this phenomenon, but they did not succeed. However, it should not be assumed that it is albinism because there were two children in their family and they are ‘Not have such a problem.

The following version of the experts was that during pregnancy, the mother can find herself in a very stressful situation, and all this affected the child.

Despite this version, his mother says everything went very well, that there was absolutely no anxiety or stress.

Scientists, in turn, suggest that the blonde hair of babies is genetic, or a lack of vitamin, or perhaps a mutation.

In any case, the boy has now grown up and is known to everyone as Prince Charming.

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