Orphan animal came to the child to help him


This little deer had lost his mother and was wandering alone in the forest, he had entered a village and found a yard. A little girl was playing in it, and the animal approached her cautiously, as if frightened.

The girl was happy, so sweet and delicate. He started petting and stroking her so the deer wouldn’t be scared and run away.

He was not afraid of others! All the while, the parents were chasing their daughter and deer and shooting.

Then the little girl went into the forest with the deer to find her mother, but after a long search she found nothing.

After a while, two deer went to the neighbors, the big one and the little one, they made sure it was the same little one, he found his mother.

Their photos were posted on the Internet and people admired the cuteness of this girl.

It was proof of the strong bond between children and animals.

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