The master and the faithful dog left this world together


The dog is man’s best friend. We bring you a story that proves it all.

Daniel Howe was diagnosed with cancer and his faithful dog stayed with his master for the rest of his life and an hour later he too passed away.

Daniel Howe was an Air Force soldier who had many problems at work but never in his personal affairs.

However, he was diagnosed with cancer and since then his dog has never left his owner. When her condition worsened, her dog also fell ill. He was in a lot of pain.

The dog was so bad he couldn’t take the pain and his family decided to take the dog to the vet and put him to sleep.

Daniel’s daughter said that when her father’s condition worsened, the dog became restless and the same thing happened.

Eventually, they both died almost at the same time.

It’s a sad and beautiful story at the same time.

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