The woman adopted two children a year apart, but they turned out to be brother and sister


This incredible event took place in Colorado. A woman and a boy adopted a child, and a year later she decided to adopt another girl. But the most surprising thing is that later it turned out that they were actually a sister and a brother.

The woman’s name was Paige, she was divorced from her husband and wanted to make a drastic change in her life.

He quit his job he didn’t like, made new friends and moved to a new house. She also went to work in a center that takes care of children abandoned by their parents.

At first, it was difficult for her to cope with such work. But gradually, he was inspired and fell in love with this work. Some time passed and she realized that she wanted to adopt a child.

She adopted a boy whose mother adopted her when she was only a few days old. And now the baby is in his house and he named him Grayso.

A year passed and a day passed from the center to ask him if he would like to adopt this girl. After reflection, he accepted.

When the woman went to the center to see the child, she noticed in her hand the same bracelet in the hand of the boy she had adopted, and after a little investigation it turned out that they were brother and sister, and their zoological mother was not interested in their fate.

Fortunately, the children are now together and living happily.

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