A little muffed tiger at the threshold of death clings to his toy in plush for more comfort


There is a rescue organization called the Wildcat Sanctuary which takes care of more than a hundred animals. A few months ago, they heard of two tigers and 2 lions trapped in a private rural inn in Indiana after the death of their owner.

It turned out that they are raised and sold for lucrative purposes. While they were going to save the animals, they were shocked to find a newborn baby tiger who had not yet opened their eyes.

Under these conditions, the poor man could not survive! It took a lot of work to save her life.

Later renamed Dash, Dash often cried during the first weeks, crying like a baby in distress. Then they gave him a tiger -shaped toy, which calmed the animal.

Little by little, his health started to improve when he has regained his strength, but now he looks completely different. However, it still takes a while to fully prepare to be released in nature.

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