The dog crying, in real tears when no potential adopter chooses her


It’s a very touching story, we can say that of course. His photos show the harsh reality in which we live, each one of us.

Shelter shared a photo of a crying dog in real tears as no potential adopter chooses her.

HPHS staff have always dedicated their lives to helping rescue dogs and unwanted strays.

They always share pictures of shelter dogs online to make them more visible among people.

During an HPHS trip to New Mexico, they were heartbroken and took a picture of a devastated pup.

The photos show the dog peering through her crate in hopes that she will be chosen and taken to a forever home.

The post immediately went viral and many people asked to adopt the dog. The staff chose a woman to be their new mom.

He is now so happy in his home.

What luck!

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