This dog kisses all the kittens they bring him


This homeless dog attracted no one. It was later named Rainbow.

Life on the streets taught him to be cautious and skeptical, but one day something unpredictable happened.

She gave birth to her young and two days later a storm and heavy rains hit California. He hid his young under the bushes, although they were unlikely to survive that long.

Locals have seen him several times in recent months, trying to feed him or take him to a shelter. But when the storm hit, no one could figure out where he was hiding with his family. Shrubs are unreliable.

And at night, in the rain, by lamplight, they finally found them. And the storm got stronger. Luckily, people managed to earn the dog’s trust.

The rescuer carefully picked up the pup and dragged it out of the temporary den. People took out the puppies one by one, each receiving a goodbye kiss from their mother.

And the dog himself remained in the den, he did not know where his children were taken.

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