The abused dog was taken to a shelter where he was rested by other dogs


Simon knew he needed someone to understand his pain. Life in a shelter is very incomprehensible for dogs because they do not understand where they are, why they are surrounded by so many dogs and if they are their friends or vice versa.

It is especially difficult for abused dogs to get to the shelter. They don’t know who they can trust, if they won’t be abused again.

This is where this dog named Sammie found himself. The poor pup had been through so much, but luckily a dog named Simon was there to help and comfort him.

They lived in the same shelter and now their photos are widely distributed. They are good friends now.

Sammie had a gunshot wound, she had a broken leg and needed a transplant.

And Sammie was abused and neglected. They were very close to each other and comforted each other. They were treated together at the vet.

Thanks to the efforts of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, both dogs will receive the treatment they desperately need.

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