The adorable trio of black-spotted horse, pony and dog who has identical look farm an extraordinary bond and charm everyone


These adorable black-spotted beauties of nature with their unique look amaze everyone

They look alike so closely, so that it seems they are a family or siblings.

This trio farmed a special bond and their friendship is so wonderful.

The resemblance between these animals is so big, that sometimes it’s difficult not to confuse them.

Meet charming Appaloosa stallion, named, Nevada, who is 10-year-old, Shetland pony, named Napoleon, who is 6-year-old and Dalmatian dog, named Jack Sparrow, who is 2-year-old.

Looking at them, you just admire how strong and miraculous is our mother nature. The special bond of this trio whispers one word: purity.

You should blink your eyes to differ them from each other, their similarity is so striking.

It’s so stunning, three animals of different species have the same skin, and unique skin.

This wonderful trio likes to spend good time together, they play and run happily in the Dutch home, which make their bond stronger.

Greetje from the Human Horse Academy, is a trainer, who found the friendship of this trio unusual.

She was surprised to see how these different in nature animals could get along with each other so quickly.

They trust each other and are very thankful to each other. Their bond seems unbreakable.

The visitors of the Academy are always impressed with this fantastic trio’s beauty and unique relationship.

The Human Horse Academy being an institute educates pupils, teaching them how to handle with horses.

The academy has various of courses teaching how to take care of their steed. Even more, the Academy’s doors are open for all the riders

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