After many years, the dog returns to the house of the former owner, but he had long since gone to another world


The story of this cat named Bubby has spread across Canada. It was crippled and had no tail. An old man invited the animal to sit in his chair, and since then they have both grown closer.

Unfortunately, this man was quite old and passed away. By the time the owner passed away, the cat had disappeared from the house and relatives said he had not returned for a long time.

But years later, something very surprising happened. One of the neighbors noticed a white-red cat near the house, which looks a lot like Bubby. They couldn’t catch him but soon when the weather got worse the neighbors started to worry.

The dead man’s house now had new owners and unfortunately they knew nothing about the cat. During one of the cat’s regular visits, the owners let him in.

Fortunately, when relatives were able to catch the baby, they were taken to a clinic and then to a shelter. Luckily, he doesn’t stay there long and adopts one of the employees.

Although he was very aggressive at first, he soon got used to his new home.

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