La mère écureuil a arrêté une femme pour aider son petit blessé


One day, Tia Powell saw a squirrel while walking in a nearby park. But this is not surprising, because these animals are very common. But as he continued on his way, this animal approached him and seemed to want to ask something. He made Tia stand up.

The woman finally realized there was a problem. Then it turned out that the squirrel was asking another squirrel for help because he had a leg injury.

The woman felt bad for not understanding what was going on. Then, seeing that he needed help, the woman immediately went to work. He fed the baby and his mother with the food he had.

Then, noting that the animal’s wound was very deep, he called the emergency services and called the police. He told them what had happened and at first it seemed strange to them until they saw it for themselves.

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