The poor dog begged not to be separated from his only friend


Dayana Davila wanted too much to have a dog, she had a fever. So he went to the store and met this dog, he asked to see the puppy so he could hug him, decide if he wanted to take him home or make him part of his family.

Unfortunately, something stopped him and he couldn’t make a decision.

The dog in another cage was moved to see that his friend had been taken out of the house and taken to the same cell. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the upper frets.

All of this was filmed by Diana and posted on her social pages and as a result, it has many views.

After watching the video, she received thousands of calls. Everyone wondered if the girl bought them both.

This was followed by another video in which he talked about why he couldn’t adopt both.

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