A German Shepherd decides to go swimming with a group of dolphins who are having fun


The owners of this German Shepherd decided to take Maverick on the boat as they set off to enjoy a day of fishing.

Suddenly, a couple of curious dolphins approached the boat, which is not uncommon on the water. All the movement and splashing in the water instantly caught Maverick’s attention.

Not wanting to take his eyes off the giant fish in the water, Maverick hovers at the front of the boat, moving from side to side trying to keep up with them. He can barely contain his excitement.

Much to the men’s surprise, Maverick suddenly jumps off the boat to follow the dolphins. These are not very happy with their new swimming companion and disappear under water.

The excitement on Maverick’s face quickly turns to regret almost as soon as he hits the water. He suddenly realizes the mistake he made by diving into the water.

It was much deeper than he thought. He started swimming furiously towards the boat, but the boat was moving too fast. His eyes widened as he fell behind.

Luckily the men on the boat slowed down a bit to help the wet and much less excited dog back on board. Maverick is unlikely to make this mistake again.

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