Rescue Dog With Autoimmune Disease Proves Beauty Comes From Within


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and a dog shows that splendor is more than just what you see on the outside.

Phoenix is ​​a dog with a magnificent soul, unfortunately he doesn’t often risk showing this, as so many humans can’t seem to predate his outward appearance. All he wants is what any dog ​​wants – to be loved.

Phoenix’s story began over a year ago when he was an a.ban. do.ned like a parasite. It has drawn attention whenever humans have noticed it wandering the streets in search of food.

However, any viable useful resource quickly died out each time the humans took a closer look at Phoenix’s face. him a supporting hand.

The folks at Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue in Oklahoma didn’t hesitate to come to the aid of the poor canine when they got a name for him. His appearance made no difference to them, and they swore to help him the same way they would any other dog.

When the rescue met Phoenix, it was clear he had been someone’s pet before. However, it was also clear that given his country of neglect, his previous owners had done nothing to ensure he had sufficient care.

When you found him, he wasn’t at all shy around people – quite the contrary. It’s clear to them that something he persevered in his past, it didn’t dampen his sweetness at all.

He has captured the hearts of many people on social media, and humans have even donated for his growing science bills.

Animal Family Medicine has been working hard to help Phoenix in any way they can. Part of how they’ve helped him is that they’ve narrowed things down to Phoenix most likely having an autoimmune disease — although they’re not quite sure which yet.

But the overall accurate news is that Phoenix is ​​much higher now than when he first arrived. He has done nothing but improve every day. And there’s been an outpouring of help from canine fanatics in the neighborhood – as well as some adoption gifts.

While the rescue is extremely grateful to kind-hearted people who express their passion for adopting Phoenix, they had to put in place a streamlining letting neighborhood residents know that if Phoenix is ​​ever adopted, it will take a some time – the focus right now is to make it totally healthy.

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