The trucker bursts into tears when, after months of searching, he finds his lost travel companion


Matthew, a truck driver, lost his friend, a gray cat named Ashes, two months ago.

He was completely desperate to find him, when suddenly he received a call from where he least expected it. And that was good news!

Ash travels with Matthew three years ago.

It has its own place in the truck cabin. He loves traveling and, as best he can, brightens up his master’s boring daily life. And Matthew is crazy about this cat, because he has no family.

He often travels very long distances, but that is the specificity of his job – the goods have to be delivered all over the country.

Two months ago, crossing Ohio, in the north of the country, Matthew lost his cat.

With a heavy heart, Matthew went to fulfill the order, then returned immediately, but Ashes was nowhere to be found.

The other day, Matthew got a call from a shelter in Fairport, New York, in the eastern United States. Far from Ohio, and even farther from his native Texas.

Ashes had been taken in by a compassionate woman who had seen a frozen cat and couldn’t pass it by. They examined the cat, found the microchip and called the number given.

Matthieu crossed the country at full speed to find his friend!

He considers this reunion as a Christmas present or a miracle.

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