Meet The Rare Creature People Are Calling ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World +7 Pics


Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with her abundance of exceptional beauty.

This is no exception, meet the Akhal Teke horse, dubbed the “most beautiful horse in the world.

Native to Turkmenistan in Asia, these stunning creatures are best known for their shiny «metallic» coats.

Their shiny coats which can reflect and refract light just like metal are due to their genetics.

Their «shiny» coats are due to the «hollow» hairs that create a prism for light to pass through.

The Akhal Teke horse comes in many different colors, but the light sheen looks more majestic on lighter colored horses.

This species of horse is incredibly athletic, which means they are good for sports and long walks that can require a high level of stamina.

With only around 6,000 of these magnificent horses in the world, it’s no surprise that the Chinese call them «sky horses».

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