Orphan Kitten Found On Sidewalk Isn’t Going Anywhere Without His New Pit Bull Mom


A kitten was wandering on the sidewalk barking. And when a nice woman took him home and introduced him to her dog, it was love at first sight.

Sharra Platt says that on his way home from work, he noticed a woman and her daughter staring at the little cat. They were very worried and Sharra Platt decided to stand up and ask what had happened.

They said they were looking for the baby’s mother and couldn’t find it because there was no house nearby where the cat could go out.

They couldn’t leave the cat there like this.

They decided to keep the baby and then applied for the rescue team. But the next day everything changed when they introduced the cat to their dogs.

They were sure the cat would have a good relationship with the dogs and the longer they stayed together the stronger their bond would be.

Their dog, Roxy, seemed like a mother to the cat, doing what a mother would do for her baby.

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