Loyal Dog Walks Miles Alone Every Day To Visit His Best Friend’s Grave


Dogs and other animals can definitely be best friends. They form a special bond with each other and are often inseparable. This is why some people often adopt two dogs at the same time. So they will never be alone, they will always lean on each other.

Dogs can also have a special relationship with their owners.

It’s not uncommon to see his four-foot-tall owner do it all together, along with his beloved Fulmin and owner Leonardo.

Fulmin and Leonardo lived together in Italy for over seven years, they were best friends with each other.

Leonardo’s daughter, Sarah Sechi, still remembers their heartbreaking times together.

«They were very nice,» Sechin told The Dodo. “They were still kissing. »

Unfortunately, Leonardo was battling a serious illness and he could no longer take care of Fulmin.

When he was hospitalized and had to stay there for a while, Leonardo’s family took care of the adorable Fulmin, but it was obvious that the four-legged friend had missed his master so much.

“Every time the car approached, he would run for the door if he was my father,” Sechin recalled.

When Leonardo died, his family was heartbroken, including Fulmin. The poor sad dog is still looking for Leonardo one day he actually found him as a last resort.

After burying the man of love, his daughter Sechi took her son to lay flowers at their beloved grandfather’s grave. They were absolutely shocked to see that they were not alone near his grave. Fulmin was already there. He went to visit Leonardo’s tomb alone. The boardwalk was over 3 km long.

That Fulmin knew exactly where to go, he did it himself.

Lots of other dogs will just get him lost, especially since there are so many open rural areas, but Fulmin was looking for his owner and eventually found him.

Although the four signatures were clearly outrageous, Fulmin also seemed to know that his master was resting here now, not coming home.

«I didn’t expect to find him there,» Sara added. “He did not attend the funeral. I have no idea how he knew where to go. And it wasn’t just this time. Fulmin visited Leonardo’s grave every day. Nobody knows how Fulmin even knew where to go, they are all stunned.

“I like to think he is motivated by his love for my father. Or that my dad drove him there,” Sechin said. «It’s one of those strange things that can be done without explanation. »

Fulmin now lives with Sarah and her baby boy.

Or Leonardo will never be replaced or forgotten, these two will undoubtedly become best friends.

“I am thrilled to think how much my father loved Fulmin, how much Fulmin loved him,” she concluded. “It is sad to see him in mourning, but we will slowly overcome this situation together. »

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