The Chinese millionaire spent all his fortune to save dogs from the slaughterhouse


China is not a safe country for our pets because it is known as a country where animal meat is used for cooking. The dog meat is a traditional dish of Chinese culture.

It is even reported that it has a beneficial effect on human health. One day, a man by the name of Wang Yan lost his dog. He was looking for it everywhere, even in slaughterhouses.

And in one of them we are witnessing a horrible scene: the dogs are beaten, dragged on the ground, then the «butchers» slaughter them with a knife, the dogs are flashed, cooked, cut into pieces and sold to eat.

This man was the founder of Anthony Dog Shelter, called Changchun Animal Rescue Base, and when he saw how the dog was treated, he bought the slaughterhouse and transformed it into a refuge.

He owed money to buy food and medication for his dogs. He even had a dog statue with which he prayed.

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