A retired military dog flows into the arms of his former master when they finally find themselves together


After years of work in the army, the Chickel dog finally has a permanent home and family.

Chief Sergeant Kyle Johnson works with dogs in the Air Force and worked with Chickel on the basis of Osan in Korea. Chickel worked there as a patrol dog and the military staff remembers him as a wacky but adorable dog.

Now retired, Chickel will have a wonderful family: the Johnson, Kyle’s wife and two young children.

All of this was made possible by American Humane, a non-profit organization that promotes the well-being and safety of animals and strengthens the link between animals and men.

American Humane has been working alongside the American armed forces for over a century.

Chickel is cheerful and adorable, and many aviators and colleagues dogs remember that he comforted them during periods of stress at work. Chickel can now do the same for his new family in North Carolina.

«American Humane is incredibly proud of his work of support for the veterans of the nation, including the four -legged military dogs playing a crucial role in the security of their troop comrades,» said Dr. Ganzert.

When Chickel returned to the United States and saw Johnson, he rushed into his arms. One thing is certain: the link they share is so special.

«Kyle’s heart broke when he had to go home and let Chickel in Korea,» said Johnson’s mother Marlene Sims Teekell on Facebook. “Chickel has changed the life of our son as much as Kyle changes hers.

Our daughter-in-law fell in love with him and the children too. I can promise you that he will live a wonderful life with them. Congratulations to Kyle Johnson for having been so persevering and having brought our little dog home. »»

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