The kenils have emptied because they were all adopted, with the exception of a sad lonely pit bull


A sweet Pit Bull Senior, named Capone, looked at everyone around having a house forever, Arites ilovemydogsomuchuchuch

Instead of being out of his kennel and heading for a place where he could feel safe and loved, he was either ignored or put back in his kennel after a brief meeting.

Each refuge companion has been adopted and left, one by one. Until Capone is the only one remaining.

It broke the hearts of the staff.

At one point, Capone was the only dog ​​we had in the refuge, «said Carly Quinn, director of the Ionia County animals, in The Dodo. “All the kennels were empty, with the exception of Capone, sweet, calm and kind. »»

Capone was initially adopted shortly after his arrival at the refuge, but due to not «getting along» with another dog to the house, he was returned. Capone has become discouraged. He was so depressed that he stopped eating.

«He lost a lot of weight because he simply had no appetite he did it at home,» noted Quinn. “It was very difficult to make it eat. We had to coax him daily with matching treats and damp food. »»

Everyone could see that Capone had not only lost his appetite … He had lost part of himself.

«His heart was broken,» said Quinn, «and anyone who felt a real grief understands how much an appropriate diet takes precedence over the rear seat. »

Having been adopted and then returned to the changed Capone refuge. «The Capone we met in 2017 and the Capone met in 2018 was two different dogs,» said Quinn.

«After being returned the second time, he seemed to have chosen and chose his friends as if he were really betrayed. He became very attached to us, the staff of the refuge. »»

«It’s a ‘Velcro dog,» added Quinn. «A dog who likes to be right next to you, always touch you. »

Because Capone had problems with this other dog in what should have been his house forever, the staff of the refuge only wanted to adopt him in a house where he was the only dog. It turned out to be more difficult than they thought.

The staff continuously shared Capone’s photo on his Facebook page, hoping that the right person would see it and would give him the life he deserves. After the shelter was emptied and stayed, they were even more determined to place it. Capone did not deserve to be left behind.

Finally, publishing your photo on social networks has paid!

Quinn consulted their Facebook page and saw a message from a couple interested in Capone. «They had fallen in love with his photos and his story,» said Quinn. “[When] They came in our refuge later in the day, they had already gone to the pet store and had made him a personalized label with his name and their information. »

But everyone was so nervous! Since his second surrender, Capone had become quite picky on whom he loved and on whom he preferred to stay away. What if he didn’t like his potential new parents?

Quinn practically retained his breath. She accompanied Capone to meet the couple crossing her fingers. Quinn said: «As I entered the hall with Capone, he stopped and watched Jon and Ashlee for a while. They both kneelled and Capone ran straight in their arms. »

«It was really a tearful,» added Quinn.

Even when Capone left, the staff were in disorder. They were so nervous that it would come back. But over time, and the staff inquired about Capone, they realized that he had obtained his happiness forever. Just look at him in her new house with that peaceful and sleeping smile

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