A desperate street kitten barely moves its hind legs


This poor child is an orphan and left on the street without his family. The little one was crying and waiting for help from people.

People called for rescuers and a rescuer named Daniel responded to her request.

Seeing the helpless child, he could not help feeling sorry for the baby.

When the baby was taken to the orphanage, she was found to be a girl and only a few weeks old. He has a medical condition due to which his movements were restricted.

The cat was named Minnie, despite the hardships she was fighting for her life. He was a very curious and lively cat.

No leg deformities prevent him from living, playing, running and enjoying every day. Every day, this baby makes small victories and makes the guardian happy.

The condition of his legs is also improving, and there is more and more mobility and soon they will find a new and good family for this cat.

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