Life’s most important companion. Puppy thrown from vehicle


When this girl rescued the pup from the side of the road, she couldn’t have imagined that one day the dog could save her life. The dog’s name was Wilf. They couldn’t live without each other.

One evening when the dog was still small, a driver threw him out of his car in front of a young woman.

The woman immediately called for help, then called the police and contacted a charity. Rescuers took the child to the vet the next day.

The examination revealed that the dog did not have an identification chip.

Then they circulated the photos of the dog on the internet to track down the owners of the dog. But after two weeks of searching, they were not found and the girl adopted the dog. He was convinced that they were made for each other.

Lexi did a great job healing the dog’s wounds and helping overcome her fears.

The girl was afraid of other dogs and Wilf helped her overcome her fears. In addition, he helped the woman overcome the grief after the separation from her lover, and then the epidemic conditions.

Thanks to this dog, he returned to his normal life and overcame emotionally difficult times.

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