The homeless dog after being petted for the first time in her life surprised her rescuers


This stray dog ​​lived on the streets for many years but one day everything changed. Before, everyone ignored him. For a long time, the poor dog was hungry, endured the cold and saw everything people did nothing.

In Romania, a small tourist town visited by thousands of people every year, one of the tourists finally noticed this dog.

This kind lady contacted Howl Of A Dog and rescuers immediately came to the scene, spoke to locals and it turned out they knew the dog.

The dog wandered around all day burying and begging people to eat.

According to the rescuers, the dog is very polite, beautiful, calm and they named her Helen. The dog was taken to a vet for examination, and it turned out that he had an illness, but it was curable.

The dog is treated with antibiotics and the specialists have done everything to recover him as quickly as possible.

Some time later he was adopted by Evelyn Hendrickx and now the dog lives with his new family and is surrounded by love and warmth.

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