The poor dogs have not left each other after being neglected for many years


This is one of the most horrific cases rescued by rescuers from NorCal Bully Breed Rescue.

This poor dog named Buddy couldn’t take the pain. And Chase was left at home for years without care or attention. He had no fur and he lived with red skin, he didn’t even look like a dog.

His skin was in very bad condition, swollen, covered, covered with sores. Moreover, he was blind and deaf. Because their owner left them both behind and took them to a shelter, they were supposed to be euthanized.

Although the rescuers tried to help and heal them, their condition was very bad and the injuries got worse. They were undernourished and the reason was the diets.

Despite this, Kellie Murphy, who adopted them, says they both love people very much. They were very happy because they finally had what they were waiting for.

Unfortunately, none of them could see or hear. Now they live with a safe and comfortable family. They were always connected and very connected.

Now the police were busy tracking down their former owner.

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