These Two Dogs Meet At A Shelter And Their First Meeting Turns Into A Dance


Hope for Paws is a rescue team known for protecting animals. They save all kinds of animals that appeared on the street and inform about it.
They say it is very difficult to take care of these animals because they have a restless behavior.

A few years ago, Eldad Hagar found Cadens, who was in terrible shape and completely covered in wounds.

The next day, Hagar found Chance hiding in Los Angeles, who had lived on the streets all her life and was terrified of people. Fortunately, Hagar was able to bring them back to the shelter.

After receiving medical treatment they were allowed to meet.

When the door opened, it was love at first sight. When Cadence and Chance look at each other, they both start moving from tail to tail.

Even though they were from different backgrounds, they both felt insecure and ignored.

Now they are very happy, they play, walk and dance together.

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