Cupid, the abandoned two-legged puppy takes his first steps on prosthetic legs


This dog is Cupid, found in a trash can in Toronto. He was born without legs and the family that was keeping him, not having the courage to throw him out, threw him out.

This poor child was not even admitted to the shelter and was told he was unacceptable.

The baby was eventually saved by Joan Znidarec, who heard noises coming from the trash can. The girl took him to the hospital where they made prosthetics for the dog.

At first the dog couldn’t walk but they started playing with a tennis ball and he started moving.

Joan shared the dog’s story on the internet and was amazed by the news from around the world.

It was still going to be difficult with Cupid, he had to learn to walk and recover while swimming, he also had to learn coordination.

The child learns to walk at all costs and as soon as he achieves his goal, he will be ready for adoption.

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