A dog abused and left to starve to death in an abandoned attic falls in love with his rescuer


Jami Lassell and her boyfriend had gone to clean an abandoned house and didn’t even imagine that this day would be fateful for her. We felt the excrement from the attic.

Then they found this wonderful dog, which looked very thin and bad, only the skin and bones remained.

He would have liked to stay there for a long time without eating or drinking anything. From that moment on, Lassell realized that he had to do everything to save the dog. It was a real miracle that the girl was there.

Without him, the poor dog might not have survived. He took the dog and named him Rémi.

The girl took him to the vet and it turned out that the dog had a lot of health problems that were the result of his terrible past.

He also had numerous wounds on his body, indicating that the dog tried to escape. He did it. for the comfort of the dog.

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