An old dog that no one wanted to take to the shelter was welcomed into the family at the request of the couple’s adoptive son


This little boy was mistreated in his host family, he was beaten and constantly humiliated. Hetq adopted him into another family that had pets in the house.

It had become a tradition in this family to adopt adult dogs that did not always find a family.

Now, the boy was in this family, appreciating what they had done and was moved by their attitude towards poor animals. Robbie once chose another dog and named him Buffy.

One day, in a veterinary clinic, it was discovered that there was something worrying about dogs because it was tartar.

But at the same time, it turned out that the dog would not resist anesthesia or sedatives. He was too old. The only option was to put him to sleep. The family decided to hide from the boy the news that he had little time left to live.

It was very moving to see how the dog spent his last hours and how the boy reacted to the news.

The woman then published photos of their last touching meeting on the Internet, where she saw the boy hug his beloved dog and say goodbye

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