A blind dog and his emotional support cat steal everyone’s heart with their inspiring story


One can be infinitely amazed to see the friendship of different animals. Throughout his life, this blind dog got to know the world with the help of his friend the cat.

Life was not so difficult for them, they found themselves in the same apartment that had been handed over by the owners. This eight-year-old dog, whose name was Spike, became blind because he had cataracts and his life was in danger.

Of course, doctors saved the dog’s life, but he became blind. He was helped by his friend the cat who accompanied the dog all over the world.

However, their lives became difficult when their owners decided to abandon them. So they joined the Saving Grace Animal Society of Canada.

Everyone was amazed at their company, and although they endured many hardships living with their former owners, they never gave up.

Since they are inseparable, the shelter has struggled to find a family that agrees to adopt both.

An ad about them was posted on the Internet and soon after, they finally found their new family.

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