A caring mother cat sneaks into the vet clinic to find her kittens who were abandoned outside a vet clinic


A box containing three cats was found at Mill Roadi Veterinary Clinic. All three were scratched, one of them!

As soon as the clinic staff noticed them, they immediately took them inside and started feeding them. The next day, a large cat was spotted near the clinic trying to get in. He nervously rolled under the windows, looking for a way into the building.

The cat secretly wanted to come inside and finally reunite with her little ones.

Fortunately, someone finally opened the door. The cat ran inside, after examination it turned out that she was a nursing mother. It was such a warm encounter that the cat finally found her young and immediately began feeding them.

According to the workers, it was a stray cat. They thought the cat was also in the box and left the children alone when they heard the noise of people.

At present, the cat and her children were brought home by one of the employees of the veterinary clinic

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