A dog came to a car wash and asked for help: The animal’s condition is extremely serious


This poor animal is still fighting for its life, but it is in desperate condition. It was found in a place in Krasnodar where the car washes. He was noticed by the employees. It turns out that before helping him, the poor dog had been lying on the ground for an entire day.

He was then taken to a shelter and handed over to volunteers in that town.

There she was called Dogma. After examining him, they discovered that he suffered from many internal and external illnesses and injuries. He was in a very bad state.

The dog was taken to a viral shelter where he met his future owner.

Her name was Svetlana, she was the doctor who treated the dog. The girl became so attached to the dog that she decided to take him to her family.

Dogma is still undergoing treatment after which he has a long period of recovery, but luckily he is now in a warm home and being cared for.

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