A Panther Rejected Her Baby, And Now He’s Growing Up With A Kind Woman And Her Rottweiler


This magnificent panther was born at the Siberian Zoo. Unfortunately, her mother left her without milk and care. She could not have survived without this wonderful woman.

This woman was used to raising such animals and knew how to take good care of them so that they would be healthy and happy. She immediately contacted Luna and decided to buy her.

The woman had a Rottweiler named Venza. Finally, when Luna arrived at her new home, she met her new boyfriend.

After a while, they became inseparable friends and started playing and running together. Because Luna’s mother had left the baby, she needed human care.

Luna had to make up for the lack of milk to supplement her special diet.

This woman knew very well how to feed her, train her and teach her some virtues. Luna was very lucky to meet him.

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