A stray kitten runs towards a man in a park and refuses to let him go


Once a musician, Kawasaki Hina, was walking down the street when he noticed a small animal running towards him. He was a homeless little cat, and even though he lived on the street, he loved people.

He immediately fell in love with Hina, went with her to the garden, and then walked over and rubbed her head on her feet.

He played with the cat for a while, and then when he wanted to go home, the cat did not leave him. He held Hina tightly by the leg.

But when the cat looked at her with blue eyes, Hina’s heart melted, she immediately fell in love with this cat.

Hina posted photos and videos of the chat on Twitter, showing how she had fun hiding between Hina’s legs.

Henny says she found a box and put the cat in it to take home.

And when the cat entered the house, studied around him, adapted and immediately fell asleep.

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