After a chained life, a dog cries during a rescue


Dogs are very pure creatures. They are very loyal and kind to people.

And yet, they are sometimes very badly treated. Unfortunately, nowadays many owners use violence against their dog and treat it as disposable.

Rescuers sometimes cannot save everyone from this situation. However, this dog, Fox Terrier, fortunately received their help.

One day, Let’s Adopt founder Victor Larkhill got a call and rushed to the scene.

When he and his team of volunteers arrived, he was shocked by what he saw. The poor dog was tied to the wall and looked very bad, it was obvious that he had been abandoned and ignored for a long time. In addition, he suffered from a tumor.

And despite his bad condition, he was very kind to people.

He realized that these people had come to his rescue and in gratitude he started wagging his tail and licking his rescuer. The poor boy didn’t even have a name.

Eventually, rescuers freed him from the shackles and decided on a name for the dog. Her name after that was Maya.

The dog was so happy that he was finally free to cry.

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