An 84-year-old man slips and falls into the bathroom: 16 hours later, a cat saves his life


Cats are personalities, they can be happy, sad, angry, peaceful. They have less contact with their masters than cats. Cats contact humans to feed or protect themselves.

But cats are also friendly; if necessary, they can also protect their masters. Cats can also walk heroically, like Ron Williams’ 85-year-old cat, Fluffy. Ron brought her a year ago and they became good friends.

They weren’t just friends, they understood each other well and talked to each other.

But one day, Ron fell into the shower and injured himself. He couldn’t move.

He was lying motionless on the floor and the bathroom door was closed and he couldn’t call anyone.

At this difficult time, the cat came to his rescue, proving that cats can also be good friends.

In that moment of despair, Ronnie remembered that he had even taught Fluffy to pick up the phone and say < ring >.

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